I'm Matt - freelance writer, narrative designer & consultant.

I write games, audio-plays, and kids' novels. In my work, I combine emotional storytelling, precise planning, and compelling narrative structures.


I create original stories and characters as well as adaptations of existing licenses in English, and my native language German. I am highly experienced in coordinating production schedules and complex projects. As a creative lead, I have worked with small indie teams as well as teams of more than 40 members.

I am always looking for creative challenges. If you are searching for a

writer, narrative designer, creative lead, production consultant or translator (English > German) for your narrative project

contact me at Matt.Kempke@gmail.com


More: Instagram // Linktree // LinkedIn


Some of the things I am working on right now

⭐ I'm writing a novel set in the world of "The Night of the Rabbit". You can already listen the first 10 chapters in season 1 of "The Night of the Rabbit - The Pagecast" - a story podcast featuring new and classic Mousewood muisc by Tilo Alpermann // My roles: author, narrator, editor

⭐ Unannounced game project // My roles: creative lead, narrative and game designer, writer

Unannounced game project // My roles: story editor and writer additional texts

Unannounced game project // My roles: writer DLC

Selected work

"Benx Comic Quest" Volume 01: Graphic Novel // Release: May 25th 2024 // Community Editions & German games influencer Benx // My role: co-author with Aljoscha Jelinek

"Ad Infinitum": 3D World War I Horror Game PC/Mac & Consoles //  Sept. 14th 2023 // Hekate GmbH // My roles: narrative designer, writer, consultant, co-director voices // Awards: Nominee "Best Story" (German Developer Award 2023), Winner "Best Story", "Best Audio" and "Best Debut" (German Game Award 2024)

"Fall of Porcupine": Narrative 2D-Platformer for PC & Consoles // June 15th 2023 // Critical Rabbit // My roles: co-narrative designer, writer additional texts, production consultant // Awards: Winner "Best Story" (German Developer Award 2023) // Nominee "Best German Game", "Best Story", "Best Audio" and "Best Debut" (German Game Award 2024)

⭐ "The Night of the Rabbit": Two audio plays set before and after the game (German) (Link: Episode 1/Episode 2) // June-July 2021 // HolySoft // My role: author, co-director

"Mexify: Das Hotel im Nirgendwo": Novel for kids (German) // Oct. 13th 2020 // RIVA Verlag & German games influencer "Mexify" // My role: co-author with Aljoscha Jelinek (as "Josh Matthews") // Awards: DeinSpiegel Bestseller

"Standart Skill: Voll verglitcht!": Novel for kids with interactive choices (German) // Sept. 15th 2020 // RIVA Verlag & German games influencer "Standart Skill" // My role: author // Awards: Spiegel Bestseller

"Tape Stories": interactive audio thriller for Amazon Alexa // 2020, GER, Pop Rocket Labs // My roles: writer & voice director // Awards: Nominee "Best Serious Game" (German Games Award 2020), Honoree "Best Writing for Apps, Mobile & Voice" (Webby Award 2020)


⭐ "Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth": adventure game for PC/Mac/Mobile & Consoles // 2018, Daedalic Entertainment // My roles: creative lead & lead writer, game designer, producer, voice director // Awards: Winner Prix Historia 2018, Winner "Best Sound" (German Games Award 2017)

⭐ "Freudbot": casual comedy mobile card game for Android/iOS/Windows // 2014, SlashGames // My roles (as Nathan Thelen): creative lead & lead writer, game designer, producer art // Awards: Nominee "Best Casual Mobile" (German Developer Award 2014)

⭐ "The Night of the Rabbit": adventure game for PC/Mac // 2013, Daedalic Entertainment // My roles: creative lead & writer, background artist, game designer, voice director // Awards: Winner "Best Game World" (Austrian Game Award 2013), Nominee "Best Game for Kids" (German Games Award 2014)

⭐ "A Stitch in Time" & "What Makes You Tick": adventure games for PC/Mac // 2007 (WMYT) & 2010 (Stitch), Lassie Games // My roles:  creative lead & writer, game designer, background artist, animator, scripting // (The games can now be downloaded again, here.)

⭐ personal projects

Other things that I've been a part of

"Lara's New Braces": explainer video for Dreiner Orthodontics (German) // 2020, with Corinna Ertl // My roles: co-author, character design & graphics

"Do Not Feed The Monkeys": comedy surveillance simulator for PC/Mac // 2018, Fictiorama Games // My roles: German translation

"Quanten Camper Calamari": comedy/fantasy audio serial (German) // 2020, Audible // My roles: plot consultant for author Aljoscha Jelinek

"Vivo Ant Stories": six illustrated short stories for the classroom (German) // 2021, Onilo/Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft // My role: author

"Kometa": four cosmic illustrated short stories for the classroom (German) // 2022, Onilo/Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft // My role: author